Preparing Your Presentation

The ECMSM conference will take place in hybrid mode.
The time slot for the contribution is 15 minutes.
We expect approximately 10 minutes for presentations and the rest of the time for questions and discussion.

The conference will take place in the Google Meet environment.
You will receive the link by e-mail at least one day before the conference.


A PC with a projector and recording technology will be available for PHYSICALLY PRESENT AUTHORS.


AUTHORS PRESENTING ONLINE will make the presentation from their internet connection point. You will “Share” your screen or document.

In case of reduced quality or connection failure, we require that online presenters send a presentation in advance in the form of:

  • PowerPoint with embedded interpretation in the form of audio accompaniment
  • As video with resolution <= 720p HD, bit rate <= 1 Mbps and file size < 100 MB

In case of problems, the room moderator can use this prerecorded material instead online presentation. Send pre-recorded presentations via the portal: to e-mail

Authors are kindly requested to join the Google Meet at least 15 minutes before their presentation (optimally at the beginning of the section).
Questions will be asked by microphones or mediated by the room moderator from the chat.
For more extensive discussions with online authors, please use the email listed in the header of their paper.

Useful links with instructions for creating the sound for the presentation or video you want: